How to get a United States

Driver's License


When you arrive in the United States with an A2 Visa you enjoy some privileges, which are not related to driving, but, no immunities.  This means you are subject to being stopped and charged with traffic offenses and crimes, should you violate any law.  You must have a valid driver’s license to drive in any state.


If you choose to drive in any state, you must have a valid driver’s license.  If you have an International Driver’s License, you may drive in any state for only three (3) months, at which time you must either stop driving or apply and get a state driver’s license.


As Royal Guard Presidency Officers, in the United States on official government business, you have been issued an A2 Visa.  Most states in the United States will not issue you a state driver’s license after being presented your A2 Visa status; as they fear that you enjoy privileges such as a Diplomatic Driver’s License, and immunities such as protection from being stopped, charged or prosecuted for traffic and/or criminal offenses.  You do not enjoy such privileges or immunities! You can be stopped, charged and prosecuted for traffic and/or criminal offenses!


In order to qualify for a state driver’s license, you must acquire and present a Non-Eligibility Letter from the United States Office of Foreign Missions, addressed to the local Motor Vehicle Administration/Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV), in the state where you are living.


The Non-Eligibility Letter informs the local Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV), that you do not have driving privileges and immunities and as such are not eligible for a Diplomatic Driver’s License, issued by The Diplomatic Motor Vehicle (DMV) Office, as established by the Office of Foreign Missions.


After the local DMV in the state where you are living has seen your Non-Eligibility Letter, they will allow you to apply for a state driver’s license.



How to get a Non-Eligibility Letter


In order for you to get a Non-Eligibility Letter a request must be sent to the Office of Foreign Missions by either the Royal Guard Presidency or the Saudi Armed Forces Office, (SAFO), as the representative of the Royal Guard Presidency here in the United States.  That letter must include your full name, your home address in the United States, a copy of your visa and your Customs and Border Protection form I-94.


The request letter must be sent by SAFO on your behalf.


GDS can provide a prepared letter for SAFO on your behalf to begin this process.