GDS Tactical K9 Program

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Quick Facts


1) Super Fast - Much faster than conventionally trained bomb dogs.


2) Pinpoint Accuracy - Rather than indicating in  a broad general area, as    conventionally trained bomb dogs do, our Bomb Detection Super Dogs show you exactly where the bomb is down to the size of a quarter!


3) Completely Reliable - When our Detection Dogs indicate odor is right there...

ODOR IS RIGHT THERE! When they don't indicate; there is no odor.


4) Super Versatile - Our Bomb Detection Super Dogs perform many new types of searches that conventionally trained bomb dogs cannot.


5) Hypersensitive to Odor - Our Bomb Detection Super Dogs respond to tiny amounts of residual odor, like Gun Shot Residue on the hands, skin or clothing of a hostile; even over three weeks old!


6) Hyper Reactive to Odor - These amazing animals have an extreme and obvious reaction to their first encounter with the bomb odor; showing the handler his Bomb Detection Super Dog is reacting.


7) How GDS Tactical K9 Detection Dogs Compare:


     Conventionally Trained Bomb Dogs take 45 minutes to over an hour to search

an open area or field, using a tedious grid pattern closely controlled by the handler.


GDS Bomb Detection Super Dogs take 1 to 4 minutes to search the same area, off-leash, independently and always find any available odor.


Conventionally Trained Dogs indicate that bomb odor is in a large, general area; i.e., most often 4 feet long by 4 feet high to 10 feet long by 10 feet high.This conventional approach requires a long, tedious, time consuming and dangerous hand search by EOD.


GDS Bomb Detection Super Dogs indicate exactly where the target odor is, down to the size of a quarter, right on the tip of their nose!!!


These Bomb Detection Super Dogs provide detailed information about the bomb odor that conventionally trained dogs do not, such as:


  • How long it has been there.


  • How much is there.


  • The exact, precise location of the odor.


These Bomb Detection Super Dogs will prevent terrorist attacks and save innocent children from loosing their lives and limbs around the world. 


It will protect our soldiers from coming home with missing arms and legs, or not coming home at all. 


This program can and will prevent another Charlie Hebdo from ever happening.


This is a huge, significant advancement in Counter Terrorism through K9 Detection

and we need it right now! 


Like Alan Turing's A-Machine that broke the Nazi code and saved millions of lives in World War II; GDS Bomb Detection Super Dogs have broken the code of hidden IEDs, bomb factories and terrorist weapon caches.


Let's join together and bring this game changing technology to the world.