Max -

Max is an amazing animal!  He was born in Holland and came to the United States as a puppy.  Max is 2 and 1/2 years old and is as intense a Tactical K9 Bomb Detection Dog as you could ever hope to see!!!


Max loves to work!  When we bring him out; he can't wait to search for that odor!!! It's like he comes out saying: "Where's the odor?, Where's the odor?, Wheres the odor?!


Max has been a perfect K9 Team Member to develop our New Revolutionary Method in K9 Bomb Detection.


Can't wait to see how far we can take him and he can take us!






Jordi is the veteran of the bunch. I bought him when no one else really wanted him. He had been mishandled and when a person he hardly knew for only two days tried to put a harness on him; things went pretty wrong.


So, everyone was afraid of Jordi, except me. I love Jordi and he and I are best buds! He is an amazing Bomb Dog and needs to be handled in a kind and logical way. You will see from his videos that Jordi is a pro!


He is fast, accurate and gets to the bomb odor in a flash!!! As scary as he was; Jordi will retrieve a leaf, lay it on my leg and gently pick it up with his mouth without so much as touching my leg. He is an amazing, wonderful animal!!! And a Bomb Detection Super Dog!!!!








Nova is our newest member of the GDS Tactical K9 Team.


She is true to her name; a Super-Nova of intensity!  She recently found a never-fired,  tactical pistol in a locked car, with all windows up and sealed in a matter of seconds!


Nova is truly amazing and shows just what is possible with the amazing GDS Tactical K9 Detection Dogs!!!






Bojar, our long haired teenager of the bunch, is a Czek Shepherd is so pretty; most people think he's a female when they see him.


When he goes to work, he's all business!


He hits odor like a freight train and stays laser focused until he pinpoints the source at the tip of his nose!


He is fast.  He is accurate.  He is consistent.  He is a Bomb Detection Super Dog!!!