GDS designs, implements and manages military oriented training programs for security forces and military personnel to enhance their capabilities in fulfilling their mission directives.




Global Dynamic Security, Inc. is an ITAR licensed: Broker, Exporter and Manufacturer

Able to provide qualified clients with Military Equipment, Training and Weapons to include Significant Military Equipment; SME.





K9 Detection

GDS has introduced a new and revolutionary Tactical K9 Detection Program for

Explosives, Drugs, Currency, Man-Tracking and Special Purpose Detection that is faster, more accurate, more reliable and more versitile than any other in the world.


Security Training:

Security Training Programs for Close Protection, Force Protection, Law Enforcement and Military offer the full range of security disciplines.  Firearms, Motorcade, Body Guard, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Communications, Intelligence, Counter Terrorism and more.


Standard training programs and customized programs are available.  


Project Management:

Global Dynamic Security, Inc. provides project analysis, design, implementation and follow up after completion in construction, education, procurement and any other area.




For clients seeking an indigenous training capability we offer; Train-The-Trainer-Programs.  GDS will design, implement and support Train-The-Trainer-Programs; constructing and leaving in place a long-term body of institutional knowledge.  GDS offers on-going support and maintenance of such programs.



Close Protection:

GDS provides Special Operations Oriented Close Protection Details anywhere in the world.  Our Private Security Operators are former Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, US Army Rangers, US Special Forces and former members of special operations units from the UK, Jordan and other allied nations.


GDS will provide a Vulnerability and Threat Assessment with resulting Report and Recommendation at the client’s request in order to provide the security measures sufficient to detect, disrupt and defeat such threats.


Force Security:

GDS provides our clients complete services for Force Protection.  From initial Vulnerability Threat Assessment to Security Plan and Implementation; Military units, NGO’s, Government organizations and the like can rest assured that their safety and secured will be looked after in every way.



Physical Security:

Global Dynamic Security, Inc. offers our clients the full range of services to provide Physical Security for public facilities, government buildings, factories, oil fields, and any other type of physical structure. 



Cyber Security:

GDS offers Cyber Security products and services for government, military and commercial applications; securing data, intellectual property, infrastructure, utilities, records, military and government secrets and systems.



Information Technology:

GDS has vast experience and expertise constructing  and managing educational programs to include Information Technology.   In this fluid and constantly advancing field, Global Dynamic Security, Inc. will identify the best options for an effective IT program.




GDS provides comprehensive products and services in construction for government, military, commercial and residential applications; from project analysis and design, to management, implementation and follow up support.


Military English Immersion and English Language Training:

Global Dynamic Security provides complete English Language Training from program design and implementation to total project management. GDS will make all arrangements for enrollment in English Immersion schools, assist with acquiring visas, arrange pick up from and drop off to the airport, housing, home stays and many other details. Click here for more info


Civil Aviation:

GDS can provide complete review of civil aviation systems and implement the necessary training, construction and policy changes to comply with FAA and International standards and requirements.



Fleet Vehicle Sales:

GDS facilitates fleet vehicle sales for armored vehicles, military vehicles, commercial vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, troop transports and more.  Our relationships with vendors from around the world make GDS a one-stop-shop.