Medical Payment/Reimbursement




When you seek medical treatment, the provider, (hospital, urgent care center or doctor), will ask if you have insurance or are self-pay, (meaning; will you pay with cash or credit card).


You should inform the provider that you are with the Saudi Royal Guard Presidency and the Saudi Armed Forces Office guarantees and pays all of your medical bills.

If the provider accepts this arrangement; receive your treatment and collect the bill when you are finished.


If the provider will not provide a bill for SAFO; pay by credit card or cash and follow the steps bellow.


Fill out the form on the Medical Payment/Reimbursement Form Page


Send the original bill, (not a copy!), by Federal Express only to:


LTC Khalid Al Asiri

Saudi Armed Forces Office

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Armed Forces Office

1001 30th Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20007



SAFO will process and pay the bill.



If you have your own insurance and you would like to use your insurance; you may.  Some providers may only accept insurance and you will be able to receive treatment most easily with your own insurance.